About the Residency

Have you ever wanted to attend a formal artist residency? The Caerus (KY-russ) Artist Residency is a self-directed artist residency done in your own studio, but within the supportive context of a community of artists working together for two weeks. You are asked to commit to an hourly work schedule and a specific project or theme.

This year’s Residency starts Sunday, July 8 and runs through Saturday, July 21, 2012, with a day off during that time.  In focusing your time and efforts, you will clarify your studio work habits and heighten your involvement with your theme. This is a real residency, where you will take yourself out of your daily routine and everyday concerns, commit to a time requirement, and briefly document the process of your journey.  An exhibit, show, or celebration at completion is highly recommended.

The Caerus Artist Residency blog acts as a forum for comments, check-ins, reflections, and posting links and work.  Like a formal art residency, the companionship if other artists can be a source of inspiration, feedback and support.

Please use the Application Form at the top of the Caerus site to register.

3 thoughts on “About the Residency”

  1. What a fantastic idea! Transcends geographical boundaries too … =D

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