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(On a personal note: I invite all to attend my open studio at The Studio Santa Rosa this weekend  November 3rd & 4th — along with 16 other artists in my building, located at 3849 Finely Avenue, Santa Rosa.  — Karina Nishi Marcus)

Here are photos from the Caeerus Art Picnic!

Please be sure and read the blog post by Susan Cornelis for her creative impressions of the picnic!

The calmness of the water reflecting the clearness of the sky — photo by Robert Marcus

The autumn light was dappled but bright — photo by Robert Marcus

The area surrounding our picnic at Spring Lake — photo by Robert Marcus

Creativity extends to picnic food preparation — photo by Suzanne Edminster

These scary Halloween deviled eggs are also infused with gummy worms — photo by Suzanne Edminster

Spooky Spider Eggs — photo by Suzanne Edminster

These were delicious — photo by Suzanne Edminster

Process of a creative day — photo by Suzanne Edminster

An artist’s sketchbook –photo by Suzanne Edminster

Capturing the beauty of autumnal nature — photo by Suzanne Edminster

Artists posed for portraits by other artists — photo by Suzanne Edminster

Exciting to see other artists’ work in process — photo by Suzanne Edminster

Bea Tate-Endert drawing — photo by Robert Marcus

A herd of deer leaped and flashed by on either side of this table while the artists were sitting and sketching — photo by Robert Marcus

The Caerus gathering — photo by Robert Marcus

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