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Emile Claus, Picnic

You’re cordially invited to join us at noon at Spring Lake Regional Park in Santa Rosa for the first Caerus Sketch Picnic.  Your hostess is Karina Nishi Marcus and Caerus Artist Residency. Bring your notebook, travel art materials, or plein air setup, a dish to share, and a beverage.  The Claus painting above could even be Spring Lake!

Claud Monet, Picnic

Wear one elegant accesory to spice up the arty aspect of life!  And food can be pretty too.

Maurise Predergast, Picnic by the Sea

We can even paint each other if we want. Have you wanted to try out your Fauve Landscape skills on the spot?  Bring on the red tree trunks and lime sky, or work on your abstract design skills.

Juarez Machado, unknown title

In case of rain, the picnic will be moved to the studio of Karina Nishi Marcus at the Barracks. Karina will send you details on the meeting places  in a Caerus gmail, and keep you up to date on the Caerus Artist Facebook Group.  Artists, feel free to bring another art friend or partner who might enjoy the day.  RSVP here in the blog comments. You can also use the Facebook page, or shoot an email to caerusartresidency@gmail.com.

I’m shifting studio this week from the Barracks to South of A Street, SOFA.  I’ll be moving Sunday after the picnic.   If you feel like helping out, or previewing the new spot before the Winterblast Studio Warming Party, let me know.  My email is saltworkstudio@gmail.com.

Suzanne Edminster


Directions to Caerus Sketch Picnic — We will be on the Boat Ramp side of the park: Take the Springfield Rd / Hoen entrance — Follow the signs to Spring Lake ( from Hoen turn left on Lucy, then curve around on Newanga until you reach the Park Ranger Station. Directly after that — turn left and go @ a half a mile then turn left at the “Jack Rabbit Parcourse” sign. You will see the restrooms to the left, a bench near the road and a garbage can almost directly on the other side of the road. From that marker (I will put up a sign) there is a very short path (maybe about 25 feet) to a lovely spot with two picnic tables close together. I will arrive ahead of time to get these tables. If that is not possible, there is another picnic table just a tiny bit further.

Turn Left at this sign

The bench and the garbage can on the opposite side of the road — the short path to the picnic site starts here….

The two picnic neighboring picnic tables. The weather for Saturday is predicted to be sun-full in the glory of autumn….

This side of Spring Lake is the remains of a quarry.  There are many cezannesque rock formation amidst the oaks that are alive with movement while projecting a quiet dignity.  With the rains, the lichen and mosses have been awakened to a bejeweled level. There is a formal paved path around the lake — as well as many smaller pathways to explore. The still water of the lake hosts wandering Canadian geese, resident green-necked mallards and puncuation points of white snow egrets. This picnic will also be a feast of nature.

Beauty is everywhere.

Leashed dogs are welcomed in the park.  And there are many animated grey squirrels for entertainment.

Karina Nishi Marcus