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Please come to Dionysia this Friday if you can.  Dionysus isn’t only the god of wine and parties, but of organic form and growth, a fundamental premise of  intuitive painting.   James Haug, proprietor of the Wine Emporium,  is a great host and discerning patron of the visual arts.  There will be live music by Johnny Harper, hot American roots guitarist.  Wine, art and song are a time-honored recipe for a good time. You can find more details in my Facebook Invitation here.  Remember, Friday, 5-8, Wine Emporium!

Dionysia  is the real name for yearly wine festivals in Greece.  They are often accompanied by theatre, but in this opening the tragicomic  themes will be provided by the musicians, including new original songs by Sharyn Dimmick. You can enjoy a few of the Four Hands Painting Collaboration pieces that Susan Cornelis and I worked on earlier this year. 

My apologies to those who have seen this post before on my blog. To make it up to you, scroll to the bottom for your COOL ART TOY.

I’m showing some paintings that have never been exhibited before, several on mythological themes.  Obscure Greek mythology always pokes its fingers into my paintbox.  Point Reyes Dawn is based on seeing Bouguereau’s Venus at the DeYoung Impressionism exhibit a day before going to Limantour Beach at the Point Reyes National Seashore. The odd aqua pastels reflect the somewhat kinky sentimentality of M. Bouguereau, but the pink spotted whale is all mine.  It’s the greenish painting in the slide show.

Below,  I post the Impressionist painting.  Does that make me a post-Impressionist? I hope the opening is as good as the party they seem to be having here.

Bouguereau’s Venus, not mine! Fake art criticism below.

“It’s difficult to enter into this work because of how the reductive quality of the gesture visually and conceptually activates the essentially transitional quality.” 

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Pixmaven art critic at http://www.pixmaven.com/phrase_generator.html

Friday is Freya’s day, or Venus’s day, so come out to the shows!  There are three in all in Sebastopol Friday night at the same time . You can see an invitation to all three here.   And don’t forget First Friday in Guernville with Karen Lockert!