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It seems somehow fitting that I write this blog post on my phone. It was not my original intention, you see. I had planned on…….  My mind wanders. In my mind’s eye, I see a feather quill and dark ink in a small jar. And a certainly fine hand crafted paper.

But really, I was going to write this on my computer rather than at my computer. With my phone.

For this year’s Caerus Residency, I utilized phone art applications. I found this approach a fun way to create spontaneously. And I tried not to limit my content.

As I write about it, I recall the sensation of my finger tips on the phone screen, and how much I learned about feeling my way through a piece.

I applied for the Caerus Residency knowing I had small bits of time to dedicate to it, and little to no budget for new materials. I worked for a few hours after putting my daughters to bed each night. Many evenings I shared my favorite with the Caerus Residency group on Facebook.

I deeply enjoyed seeing what others were working on, and reading about or watching their process. I learned something with each entry (my own and others’).

My theme for this residency has been Metapatterns, as coined by Gregory Bateson. Essentially metapatterns are patterns in patterns. For a delicious read, check out Tyler Volk’s “Metapatterns: Across Space, Time and Mind.”

Day 1 and Floating

Day 2 Plaid

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 7 (This is a tracing of a photo of one of my daughters on a train ride.)

Day 9

Day 10

Then I really had to focus on something else: an acrylic piece for a wedding gift.

My favorite (and only) brother got married at the end of this residency. I painted the following piece for he and my new sister (in-law). I believe the support and creative spirit shared in this Caerus Residency helped me in my process.

Wedding gift

Allison Porter-Klinger