Alison Porter, I-Phone app, from the Metaform Series

There’s a certain alchemy that happens when a group of artists gets together.  When we start to share ideas, processes, and works, magic enters the room.

We didn’t know how the Caerus celebration would go, who or how many would be there, or what kind of work they would bring.  There was an astonishing range: glass, jewelry, printmaking, encaustic, acrylic and oil painting, sketchbooks, altered books, digital art, sculpture, collage, mixed media, and assemblage.  Artists shared their process and work, finished or not.  The glimpses into the world of the artist were honest, heartfelt, and intelligent.

We will carry our thankfulness for this creative period forward as a talisman.

July 2012 Caerus Celebration at Stacey Dennick’s home

Caerus note: We will be publishing a blog weekly on Thursdays.

Suzanne Edminster and Karina Nishi Marcus