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“Rocky Point Run: by Lauri Luck

The very first post of my work was a series on images for an in progress painting “Rocky Point Run”.  Today I finished it and thought you would like to see.  But let me tell you how it happened.  Over the past couple of weeks I have been working on “Rocky Point Run” steadily but as of the weekend I had come to a dead end with it (dead being the operative word here.)  It has just taken me to pieces – I could no longer see it, comprehend it or (frankly) care about it anymore.  But that has all changed in the past couple of days.  Tuesday I discovered I had been so focused on the details of the image that I had lost track of the “whole” picture and had flipped the light & darks in the water – right was supposed to be darkest and left lightest – oops!  Obviously I just wasn’t seeing this thing properly so I turned the whole painting upside down, as well as the source photos, and repainted all the water in the lower half (now upper half) of the painting.   Upside down I could see things I had not been able to see right side up and after a couple of hours I felt I had come to the end of what I could do.  I flipped the painting back around and there it was – that little thrill up the spine that told me I was nearly there.  I fairly floated out of the studio.

Yesterday was loaded up with gathering our camping gear together and grocery shopping for the camping trip, so I was pretty nervous when I came in this morning – no telling how I would feel about the painting – but there is was – ready for the final push.  I spent about 3 hours on it but just could not seem to push it over the top so I sat and looked quietly for a long while.  When I went back to the painting I took a sloppy brush loaded with some overly bright green and ran it down along the left edge of the image and POW – the whole piece fell into place.  I’m rather deliriously happy to have pulled this one off – which has got to be a near miracle because on Sunday I found it so dreadful I was ready to rip it up.

While slogging through the trenches with “Rocky Point Run” I kept a running dialogue with the paint in 20 more small (11” sq) painted sketches.  More playful than the big piece – they helped keep me sane through the process.

Lauri Luck