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Lascaux Bulls

How can you create with the mastery and power of the ancients?

1.  Have a strong source of inspiration.  Go back to what makes it possible for you to eat, drink, live, and love.  For them, it was the animal and the Mother Goddess.  What is it for you?


2.  Decorate where you find yourself.

3.  Be abstract.  Doodle.  The European painters made abstract tectiforms (rectangles divided by lines) and claviforms (club-shapes).  They made squiggles called macaroni in the soft clay. They left handprints.

Thought to be a woman’s handprint from Peche Merle in France.

4.  Let the surface speak to you before you start. It’s possible the ancients saw the rock wall as a permeable spirit zone that would literally let sacred ancestors and animals through it when they painted. They definitely incorporated stalagmites, stalactites, bulges, and depressions into their work.

Peche Merle Spotted Horses. It has been shown genetically that there probably were spotted horses. Or… were the painters just having design fun?

5.  Get your art immediately into public spaces with multiple images.  Painted caves are “nuclei linked by galleries.”  Don’t be afraid of galleries or large-scale public art!

Gallery Diagram. Talk about an Art Walk!

6.  Don’t worry about light or light sources.  Use what you have.

7. The deeper you go, the more interesting it gets.

From Santa Barbara, California. Chumash

8. Look up!

Baja, California. I’ve always wanted to see these.

An Ancient Digital Painter

9.  Claim your ancestors and your lineage.  Cave paintings and petroglyphs can  show 10,000 years of successive paintings inscribed over previous images.  Climb on the backs of other artists over time.Who are your people?

With a smile from Suzanne Edminster

To see my “handprint”, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGD970yqBTI.