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Glad to be a part of this juicy group!

A few different inspirations have come since starting this, first off I updated my home page with a slideshow – making it cleaner and a bit more biographical artistically speaking so that at a first glance, you kind of “get” where I’m coming from.  Visit http://www.ARTfortheSOULofit.com.

The little painting below I completed this past week which I think depicts ME on the brink of an artistic PLUNGE. Things are a-stir, a-brew, in my life, artistically and personally….and this little gal is the mirror of that.  I love how autobiographical our art is.  It can’t be otherwise….at least that’s my theory/belief.

I’ve got 35 more wood pieces to go.  Since I love gouache and ink, that is what a few of them will be in, and since I varnish them with wax, they look like little oil paintings and are nicely protected.

I’ve got a few more I started in oils….kitties – a favorite subject, so we’ll see what unfolds with them – looks like I’ll be playing with different media on them.

I’ve also completed two paintings which have in common the “divine feminine” theme.

Joanie Springer