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Hi Residents!

Etruscan-style Suzanne and Scott reflected in Robert Therrien Teapot sculpture, LACMA, July 2012

We are right in the middle of our Caerus Artist Residency, our two-week period of intensified committment to making art.   How are you doing?  Where are you in your residency goals?

As we know, feelings change from day to day when we’re making art , both towards our art process and the state of your “Beloved”,  the art series.  There is a little-discussed side effect as well: when you have intensified your committment  to your art, both positive and negative events can intensify in your life and emotions.  We don’t generally share this, mostly because our lives are private.  But it is worth taking note of it.

There’s a feeling of life ripening during an intense painting time.   I have to be extra-cautious when I drive because I am so preoccupied.  (Please, no comments about how I normally drive!)  Bumps and bruises can occur.  The energy of artmaking can also make lovely things happen.  I met my husband when I was painting at a campground.  Both my youth and my adulthood have been transformed through my involvement with art.  Art has brought me everything whole and shining in my life.

Right now, I’m anxious about my series.  The pieces don’t quite work so far.  They are in their awkward child stage.  Though I am a fairly experienced painter, this stage is always scary, particularly when I am abandoning a known style that works.   I am having strong emotional reactions from painting.  The series is called “Tabula Rasa”, the blank or erased tablet.  I have 5 pieces started.  Each piece takes a commitment as I cover bright, lovely colors with a neutral plaster.  I will proceed with my series and see where it takes me.  I don’t know if these pieces will be successful, but I find myself so grateful for the time to work meditatively and slowly on work that may or may not be shown.

Where are you in your Residency?  I hope you will share a little in the comments section.

See more of Robert Therrien’s sculptures at http://www.lacma.org/art/installation/robert-therrien.