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“The function of the artist is to make actual the spiritual so that it is there to be possessed.”  Robert Motherwell

I believe that artists have a vital function to manifest spirit. We communicate with emotion as well as narrative story. We speak color and form, evoke the atmosphere of creation. Art is both of and beyond the perceived physicality of the ordinary of life.

There is the metaphor of art as a journey of the soul, without a defined destination, an exploration into those depths and pinnacles of hidden symmetry amidst random chaos. Our artistic spirit craves unknown territories, the expanse of space, the vibration of air, that crevasse between breaths when we are stuck by the awe of wonder. We solidify visions to share with others.

There is a sense of exhilaration at the chance to make something that had not existed previously, to embellish and to transform material – the successful search for alchemical dross into gold. Through conscious and unconscious upheavals, we simultaneously excavate ruins and levitate to soar in the heavens.

Artists are at the fulcrum of renewal, interacting, interchanging, entering the ebb and flow, crest and trough of the wave of creation.

What is vital to your art?

Karina Nishi Marcus