I am so thrilled to be a participant in this summer’s Caerus Artist Residency.  What a wonderful idea, and just what I needed to help my focus and commitment in general, and specifically for a sketchbook project I’m working on.  The sketchbook project will be due in January 2013 and will be housed in the New York Public Library after it tours the United States for all to see.  Please note link below to the project if anyone’s interested.
These are photos of my project to date which consists of miscellaneous pages that will be assembled artfully and interestingly into a book format.  The book spine should be 1 inch wide or less and overall size of 5×7 inches.  Fold out pages are permissable, and I have a great idea for a fold out!
My studio is fairly organized, but I’ve been doing a lot of commuting between Oregon, Santa Rosa and Sebastopol so I keep a backpack of supplies with me at all times.  On Sunday, the first day of the Residency, I was driving back from Oregon and stopped in a little town called Orick and did a quick sketch.  This will be developed further for the sketchbook.
Christine Nora Behrens