Beginnings are full of childlike energy.  It’s only as adults that we get a little scared of starting.  A child has no problem with it.  Beginnings, like the birth to first birthday of a child, are to be celebrated and enjoyed.  The sweetness of the start is unique.

I used to live in South India, where I got to meet the funny, plump, and multi-handed god of beginnings, Ganesha.  I had him in my home for a while as a visitor during the Ganesha festival, where we fed him fresh fruit, ghee, and stinky incense daily. (Later we ritually dissolved his unfired clay form in the river.)

He’s the god of new enterprises, so I wanted him in Caerus with us.  He includes everything that brings pleasure.  His four arms hold tools that might help us as artists, and his big liquid eyes have seen it all.  He destroys obstacles and brings success, and is the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth.  He’s also the god of sweets!

Enjoy your beginning.  I’m bringing some flowers, a huge bunch of gladiolis,  into the studio.  I like a bit of wine  (or absinthe) in there, and food as well. Tell us what you like to do to encourage the sweet energy of the beginning, and let us know how your first day went.

Suzanne Edminster

P.S.  I found this cool graphic on the symbolism of Ganesha. I think many ideas could apply to artmaking.