How do I document my process on Caerus?

There are three ways ways.

The Comments are a great way to show up. You can post as many comments as you want, including links to your own websites and blogs.  Each comment actually supports the Caerus residency, and is a polite acknowledgement of the work and writing presented.  Each comment is like a little thank-you note. Each Caerus artist should comment on several of the postings during the residency.  Your comments and links will stay on the internet permanently.  They can continue to generate interest, clicks to your website, and new comments indefinitely.  You can’t post photos, though.  You can post links to your photos elsewhere.

The Caerus Artist Residency Facebook Group at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/caerusartresidency/ is a public Facebook group. The public can see it, but only members can post.  This is superb for whole galleries of photos, videos, immediate feedback, and easy interaction with other Caerus members. Once you’re in the group, you are independent and can post anything you want.  You must be on Facebook to do this.  This group is great for daily journals, questions, and independent control over your photos and writing.

The Caerus Artist Guest Blog is where we post your photos and text for you on the Caerus site itself as a free-standing blog post. Because of the potential flood of images from our highly creative Caerus artists, we limit these posts to 3 posts per artist during the July residency.  This is the most beautiful and impressive way to display your images to your Caerus community, but also the most labor-intensive for you and for us.

How to Submit a Caerus Artist Guest Blog

  1. Write a short email piece about your current work or experiences during the Residency.
  2. Attach good-quality photos.  We suggest not more than 4 photos. If you submit more than 4 photos, they may be displayed as a slide show or gallery thumbnails.
  3. Send these to caerusartresidency@gmail.com with BLOG in the subject line. We reserve the right to edit or refuse submissions.

Please be patient.  Guest artist blogs will be published at night and may take a few days to appear. They will remain on the Caerus site with their own web address.  If you have ever wanted to try blogging, this is a good place to start. Your Caerus Artist Guest Blog should not be long or complicated, as it is meant to entertain and inform.

Have fun with these ways to document your process and progress.  Welcome to the Caerus Community!

Suzanne Edminster and Karina Nishi Marcus