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When you enter your studio space for your Caeerus art residency, it should be clean and stocked with your desired supplies. Before you step throughout the door, muse a moment that this is your studio anew, without your personal history, ready for you to pursue a new pathway to new discoveries in your work and beyond in time. Treat this space as if you are entering it for the first time and working in a new locale.

Gather the art materials you will require for the duration of your residency as well as prepare your surfaces and attend to any other aspect that might be entailed in your project. Figure out any additional needed resources. (I will have a coffee maker.)

One of the benefits of having your project or theme set before you begin is that it allows you enough time to ruminate about its scope and to gather your ideas as inspiration and motivation for this intense creative period.  Are your supplies sufficient for your new theme or project?  What about those supplies you have always meant to buy or order, but haven’t gotten around to before?  What about books for the journey?  Is there a new arrangement of your studio that you’d like to try?

How will you prepare your studio?

Karina Nishi Marcus