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One of the fabulous aspects of an artist residency is that time is preserved for you to hone all your mental focus toward your proposed project. In order to guard your time for your Caerus Art Residency, you may wish to simplify your environment beforehand and plan to do some preliminary preparations.

Before the starting date, you might want to clean your house.  You can then let it muddle through-out the rest of the residency period. (Spoken like an artist.)

It would help to plan for lunches and dinners so you do not have to consider this every day.  Go grocery shopping and stock the cupboards with quick, easily prepared nourishment.  You may wish to cook ahead and freeze the results. (I plan to prepare a big pot of vegetable soup.)  Perhaps another member of your household could help and assume the cooking duties during your residency.

A pre-packed suitcase would eliminate the morning problem of gathering your wardrobe for the day in the studio. If your were involved with a traditional residency, this would be a requirement for travel. Consider that you are on an inner journey.

It would be useful to formulate a potential working schedule for yourself.  Often at a residency, there is a set time-line for the day: for example lunch would be at such-and such time. Be sure to include time for a pause, to relax, provide a chance to take a walk, do some yoga or even to sit in a new cafe and sketch. By planning to regiment your day, you can accomplish more without the rush of burn-out.

With a few simple thoughts and actions before the start of your residency, you can vastly increase this great opportunity for this time to devote to your art.

Karina Nishi Marcus