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One motto for your Caerus Art Residency would be “Carpe diem” — or more to the essence of Caerus, “Seize this Moment of Opportunity.”

Granting yourself the gift of time for the intensity of this self-directed artist residency is paramount. Put your other work and art responsibilities on hiatus during your residency and commit to the project or theme you have selected.  If you work an outside job, perhaps you might take some vacation time for yourself to go on an inner journey rather than an ordinary vacation.

We would wish to remove ourself from the daily ordinary of our current environment to gain a similar sensibility of a new location.  We need to think about how we might remove ourselves from the external habitual influences.

You may wish to mitigate your television viewing habits…or stop completely and put a veil over the screen.  Use your evening time to read, reflect, meditate about your art, your life (which is the same thing for we artists) and the future.

You might wish to remove yourself from the influence of your computer — except for keeping in contact with your fellow artists who are also pursuing their own project with the Caerus community. You might want to put your e-mail on vacation response.  You may wish to schedule your blog posts for automatic posting. Unplug as much as possible from ordinary dailiness.

Ask your household members and friends for their understanding and support as you progress in your residency.

Travel mentally on this art holiday. There will be minor sacrifices, even major challenges, but this residency is the time for you with your art.

Karina Nishi Marcus