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Caerus might say:

I am the opportunity, but also the ripening in the season.  I am the idea at midnight and the brushstroke at noon.  I’m the notebook fallen open, the line almost penned.  I’m the shortcut to the studio and the mouse in the corner.

Listen for me in the wind, and I’ll turn then like a weathervane in your direction.  My inspiration never grows old, but it can flit by.  How will you invite me in?

This painting shows a young Caerus flying away.  Penetentia, the female figure on the right, means regret or penance, or afterthought, or hindsight.  She’s holding back the figure reaching for Caerus, opportunity.  If you’re an artist, the opportunities that fled from you for creative expression are those you most regret.  Make a choice not to let your creative time slip away.

Suzanne Edminster