Suzanne Edminster

Suzanne Edminster at Saltworkstudio

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Project or Theme Description: My primary goal is to work on two themes: 3 brightly colored Dionysius inspired vertical canvases, and 3 neutral text-based canvases, all 24 x 48, for a total of 6 new canvases in a new format.

My project theme is the contrast between wildness, wilderness, myth and the foreign (the brightly colored canvases with mythic themes) and everyday domestic life (the neutrals inscribed with thematic words, journal entries, and collage pieces).  The goal is to integrate more expressionist (Dionysius) energy into completely finished, professional art, and to explore monochromatic painting.  These will be the start of a new gallery-ready collection in this size.  I will aim to show the Dionysius series in the Wine Emporium as my finishing show in September.

In addition, I will release 3 written pieces during July on Dionysius to the online magazine, Dreams of Consciousness.  These will be included in final show of 6 new pieces.

Thumbnail for larger Dionysius series, Suzanne Edminster

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