Karina Nishi Marcus

Karina Nishi Marcus

Website or Blog: http://www.paintpilgrim.com

Project or Theme Description: I propose to undertake the theme of “The Khronos Project.”  The evocation of time has been an essential element in me paintings — but with this project during the Caerus Artist Residency I intend to us the factor of time as inspiration and a working tool in my process.  I wish to paint more quickly, more directly — using big brushes on two 48 by 60 canvases as well as 14 small 11 x 14 canvases. I plan to work intensely on these surfaces.

In addition, I hope to make small drawings and sketches that may — or might not — be integrated into the other work.

I also plan to incorporate walking into my artistic process, either in tandem with another or sole — to use that time as a break, a reflective pause to let inspiration enter

As well as the above, I shall be working on my piece for the Santa Rosa International Film Festival.

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